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Six easy methods to make to handcrafted items for home decor

Now you don’t have to go anywhere for purchasing home decor items. You can make your home decor yourself using your home accessories like Rugs and carpets, small furniture, light bulbs and other attractive items. Find the best ideas to make the beautiful accessories for your home decoration.

1) Transform your simple cup:- You can decorate your existing products for decorating your house
       A)    Take simple white color cups
       B)     Stick silver or gold lurix or foil paper as a lower layer of cup.
       C)    Put this decorative cups on the dining table.

2) Reuse of tin cans:- Here I am going to describe that how you can make beautiful butterflies with tin cans.

     A)    Take cold drink cans.
     B)    Cut the upper part and lower part of cans.
     C)    Cut it horizontally and make it as a plain paper.
     D)    Make the butterfly art on the inner part of the cans using marker or pen.
     E)    Cut these stickers and make butterfly stickers.
     F)    When you have lots of stickers then color these stickers in different                     color and decorate using gilds. 
     G)    Now stick these on your wall and decorate it beautifully. 


3) Decorate your flower pot using fruits:- There are so many things in your home which you can use to give a gorgeous look to your home. 

    A)    Take a transparent glass or a transparent vase.
    B)    Cut the lemon or orange in two piece.
    C)    Put these pieces in the vase in this manner that the inside area of lemon              visible from outside of vase.
    D)    Now fill the water in vase and put the fresh flower on it.
    E)    Put this vase in your dining room or living room as well.



4) Reuse plastic bottle for planter:- Now you don’t need to through your water bottles outside. See the below ideas to use the bottles to decor your home-

    A)   Take plastic bottles and cut from the center.
    B)   Use the lower part of the bottle for this.
    C)    Now Decorate it using the bottle cap .
    D)    Fill the cut bottle with sand.
    E)    Now you can use these beautiful bottles to bring the nature in your room             by planter

5) DIY Hemp Pendant Lamps:- Make a hemp pendent lamp using the below process.

    A)    Take a big balloon and fill area in it and bind this yarn. 
    B)    Make a circle on the upper area of balloons.
    C)    Take hemp yarn and wrap it on the balloon but leave the circle area.
    D)    Now stick the hemp net on the balloon using glue.
    E)   When the net of hemp stick on balloon properly then make a hole in the gallon using a needle so that the air comes out.
    F)   After that remove the balloon from the net of jute and  place a bulb                      inside it.
    G)    Now hang it from the ceiling area. 


6) Make a photo frame using PVC pipe:- Follow the below process for making a beautiful frame to decorate your room..

   A)    Take two different width size plastic pipes and cut it in similar height                   like if you cut a part in 5 cm then the second part is also should be 5cm.

   B)    When you cut the both pipes then take a wooden part and arrange it in a              square shape and put on the table. 
  C)    Arrange the pieces of pipes outside of the wooden rectangle and stick                  these pieces to each other. 
  D)    When the pieces stick together then remove the wooden box.
  E)    Now you have a beautiful frame now you can use it for use photo or can             also add a large mirror in it.


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