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How to clean those Stubborn Stains from your precious Handmade Rug at Home?

Handmade carpet is the best way to transform a room with the vibrant and outstanding look. Handmade carpet is an expensive thing but this is also the best investment because the value of carpet increases according to the time. It means antique and old carpet is more expensive than fresh and new carpet. When we buy a carpet then we should also know that how to clean handmade carpets because a dirty and dull carpet shows a bad effect and this is also harmful to a pet and kid. You cannot send your carpet for a professional cleaning every time. This is a good feature of handmade carpet that you can wash and clean it at your home without spending much money on it. There are many easy ways to clean and maintain a carpet. The cleaning methods of the carpet depend on the material of carpet. There are many things which are available in your home; you can use those things for cleaning your carpet.  I am going to tell you some ideas which you can follow for cleaning your rug at your home.

Use Beer:

Beer is a thing which is not much expensive and you can get it easily. Sometimes it seems difficult to get rid of coffee spots from the carpet, but you can literally remove it by using beer on top of your rug. Rub the beer lightly on the pile of carpet. You may need to repeat the procedure twice to remove all spots from your beautiful Modern rug Or silk area Rug.


Use Vinegar: Vinegar is the most suitable solution for any type of stain. You can use it for wine spot, urine spots, a light spot, rigid spot etc. See, how you can make a solution of vinegar according to the spots.

1) Rub the light stains with a mixture of 2 teaspoons of salt dissolved in 1/2 cup white vinegar. Spray this solution on the affected area of carpet and then leave it for dry. When it comes dry then vacuum it.

2) For the deep or dark stains, add 2 spoons borax in the mixture of vinegar and use it in the same way.

3) For the hard, rigid and another type of stains, make 1 tablespoon vinegar paste with 1 tablespoon vinegar, and put it on the stain using dry white cloth. Make sure that the cloth should be white otherwise it may bleed on your carpet. Set it for two days, and then vacuum.

4) If your carpet is affected by fruit juice spots, mix 1 tablespoon detergent with 1 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar and mix it with two cups of water. Spray the solution on stain and blot it using a cotton cloth.


Shaving Cream: We all have shaving cream in our home. You can use it for removing juicy stains from your beautiful Modern area rug or any kind of area rug. Find the affected area on the carpet and blot it using cloth. After that paste some shaving cream on it, and then clean with a moisture sponge. Shaving cream also works very well on oil and oil spots. After placing the cream on the carpet, let it dry, and rub off with a soft white cloth.

So the above methods which you can easily apply for removing the spots from your gorgeous handmade area rug at your home.

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Thanks for sharing amazing information about rugs. Your information really very helpful. Before purchase I read it that's why I am Very Thankful to you.

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