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How to professionally clean and restore your damaged carpet

Placing a best quality handmade carpet in your room is the simplest way to decorate your room. When we buy a carpet, at that time we think that how to clean handmade carpets because a dirty and dull carpets reflect a bad impression to your guest.

There are so many easy ways to clean and maintain your carpets professionally-

1- Vacuum regularly to your carpets:

This is the simplest method for keeping your carpet need and clean. You have to vacuum your carpet once every week. Before vacuum your carpet, you have to remove all furniture from the room for the perfect vacuuming. The edges of the carpet and the part which is hidden behind the furniture collect dust which should first be removed. If the furniture is heavy and can’t remove it then, use cranny extension to reach the corner. First, you should have to vacuum forward and backward. After that, you can vacuum left and right direction because the carpet fibers are typically twisted and by vacuuming both directions you can ensure that every part of the carpet has been reached. How” regularly”? It depends upon the number of the person. It means if you have a dog then you should have to vacuum it 4 times within a week.  But this is not suitable for the silk carpet because it maybe destroys the silk fiber.


Cleaning a carpet by Vacuum


2- Detergent and shampoo solution method:

You can apply this method for washing and cleaning carpets. Make the solution of cold water and 4 teaspoons of detergent. And spray on the dirty area in the carpet. You can use long hair soft brush for cleaning spots otherwise you can scrub by hands. Always rub in the direction of piles. After that leave, you carpet for dry. Don’t put your carpet indirectly the sunshine. You can dry it in shadow.


Carpet cleaning with Detergent


3- Clean spots from your carpet:

  1. Baking soda methods: You can use baking soda for cleaning the spots on the carpet. Find out the stain on the carpet and spray the baking soda on the stained area. Leave it for 20 minutes. After that vacuum it. Before applying this method, always try it in a small part of carpet to ensure that the color is 100% fixed or not.
  2. Clean with Diluted bleach:  Make the solution in a ratio of 10:1. It means 10 parts water and one part is bleach. Spray this solution on the stain and leave it for 15 seconds. After that wash it with cold water.

    Cleaning spot from Carpet

  3. Clean with hydrogen peroxide:  For cleaning the stain you can also use hydrogen peroxide with cold water. For a dry stain, first, blot with hydrogen peroxide and follow up with an enzyme-based detergent. This Method is specially applied when carpet contains blood type spot.
  4. Use a clean cloth: Always prefer white cotton cloth for clean the spot. Because if you use colored cloth then it may be transferred the color to your carpet. Find the stain and scrub with cloth.
  5. Change the direction of carpet:  You can also do this. Change your Area Rugs or carpet direction within every week. So you can clean all part within a month.
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