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How to Decorate Your Room with Layered Rug

It is important to see and feel a perfect Handmade rug for any room but when we are searching for the right foundation, you should always remember that sometimes answer is more than one. It depends on you that do you want to fill a large space only or just want to enhance the beauty of your home? If you place a wrong size carpet in your room then it must ensure that you only fill the space of your room and nothing else but if you really want to decorate your home then follow the new trends of the decoration. It doesn’t matter that you want to use it on a hard floor or on a carpet, layering a rug is a smart way to provide texture to your room.  In this blog, I am going to tell you that how you can layered rug in each and every room. So find the best and easy ideas for adding extra cosiness to your room.

In the carpet layered method, you should take care about few things before starting the task-

1- Select color which is complementary but different from each other.

2- The primary carpet weaving technique and design or print should be different from the secondary carpet.

3- The size of primary carpet is must be bigger than the secondary carpet if you want to overlap each other or want to put the secondary carpet on the primary carpet.

These few things you should notice before buying carpet. Now find some ideas to decorate your home below.

1) Layered rug in living room:-

Living room is the most important place in a room where you can represent your life style, personality and choice to others. This is a place which should be well decorated. Carpet and wall hanging is a common thing which is most of the people usually use.
                         For the layering of carpet, take a hemp jute carpet in medium size like 8’x10’ feet or 6’x9’ feet and place it in the centre of your room. After that take a beautiful handmade wool modern carpet in size 4’x6’ or 5’x7’ feet and put it on the hemp carpet like below image. This is good if colors of both carpets are in contrast to each other.

Layered Rug in Living Room
Layered Rug in Living Room

2) Layered rug in Bedroom:-

There are so many ways to use handmade carpet in a bedroom. You can use any size of carpet in several ways but if you want to use a large carpet in your bedroom then you should use a small carpet in 2’x3’ feet beside your bed and over the primary carpet. This is because we wipe our feet before lying on the bed so that the particular part of large carpet may contains more dust and spot as compared to the other portion of carpet. Due to this reason you have to wash the full carpet. So you can use a small carpet and put it beside your bed.

Layered Rug in Bedroom
Layered Rug in Bedroom

3) Benefits of using layered rug:-

Layered rug is not only about give an attractive look to a room but there are many benefits using layered rugs, it provides more cosiness under foot. If you have an old carpet and don’t have to buy new one then you can buy small carpet and can hide the stain and dirty area by putting small carpet over primary old carpet. This is also use to provide vibrant and multi colors to a room.

The above ideas you can use for decorating your room in a unique way and provide extra cosiness to your room. 

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